divice smart

A significant advantage of 12v lighting is its suitability for battery power back up. Modern battery technology like LifePo provides significant power if needed and can be trickle charged from a small power adapter or solar panel. Using Solar makes the solution independent from the mains grid and self-sustainable, making the solution ideal for remote buildings, construction sites and vacant properties.



Energy Efficient

Night Sabre lighting is 12v and doesn't need the inverters or transformers associated with mains lighting, this has a significant impact on energy efficiency. Using solar power to charge the 12v batteries eliminates ongoing energy costs for good.

Rapid Deployment

Device Smart has developed a pre-configured cable system for solar security. The 4 wire system carries 12v power and alarm signals to all lights at a maximum distance of 100m. The connections are IP65 and secured by locking rings, cables are available in 10m or 5m lengths. Lights can be secured to fences by a stainless steel clip systems and fit into a V-Mesh profile fence perfectly.

Battery Backup

30aH Lithium batteries provide sufficient power to run multiple lights for days, recharging from solar or transformers as required. Because the Night Sabre lights are motion activated they draw only a few milliamps during the day and 13w when on, suited for the longest nights of the northern hemisphere.